July 25, 2013
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Invitation Letter

Dominique Le Guludec On behalf of the EANM, the local Organising Committee and the Scientific Committee, it is my great pleasure and honour to invite you to France for the 26th Annual Congress of the EANM, to be held in Lyon in October 2013. This meeting will offer practitioners from across the world an ideal opportunity to pursue continuing medical education, to learn about recent advances, likely future developments and potential research avenues, and to exchange scientific ideas and experiences in our field – all within a unique environment.

Lyon is one of the first “European” cities, dating back to the Gallo-Roman period (Lugdunum was the capital of the Gauls), and present-day Lyon combines history, culture, tradition and modernity. Its geographic location is strategic, less than 2 hours by train from Paris and the French Riviera. The secrets of the old city can be appreciated in the Renaissance district, which is ranked in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Its old stone passages, galleries and spiral staircases constitute an impressive labyrinth, and one can view impressive vestiges of the Gallo-Roman period and famous old silk weaving looms.

Beyond the old town, Lyon is looking keenly to the future. It offers very innovative architecture such as the “place des Terreaux”, built by Daniel Buren, and the Opera House, designed by Jean Nouvel, as well as an “International City”, where the Congress will be held, on the banks of the Rhône and Saône rivers. Lyon is also very attractive on account of its artistic activity, such as opera and ballet, and the shopping opportunities provided by all the French fashion leaders. Furthermore, Lyon is the French capital of gastronomy: it is surrounded by the famous vineyards of Bourgogne and Beaujolais and offers a large choice of convivial dining venues, ranging from the “big chefs” such as Bocuse to traditional cuisine in intimate small bistros called “bouchons”.

Lyon is among the leading European cities for Life Science Research, with three famous universities, two recognised medical schools, large university hospitals and institutes of biomedical and bioengineering research. Nuclear medicine is very active in terms of both number of facilities – there are six PET-CT scanners, a forthcoming PET-MRI scanner and two cyclotrons – and research.

The story of imaging in Lyon dates back a long way, to the production of the first cinematograph by Louis Lumière in 1895. Participants at the Congress should spare a moment to visit the Institut Lumière on Rue Saint Victor in the old Montplaisir district, which contains a museum and an impressive projection and editing centre.

Lyon perfectly reflects the incredible revolution that has taken place in the imaging field since its inception, leading to modern molecular imaging. The EANM Congress is becoming a key international scientific event. It is the foremost meeting in the field of nuclear medicine in the world in terms of attendance, and reflects the diversity of our discipline: oncology, cardiology, neurology, infection, therapy, physics, dosimetry, biology etc. Over the course of a few days, the 2013 EANM Annual Congress will provide an exciting and diverse scientific programme, covering the full spectrum from educational opportunities to cutting-edge presentations of new and original scientific research.

We look forward to welcoming you in Lyon. We are certain that you will greatly enjoy this major scientific event as well as the French culture, cuisine and hospitality.

Dominique Le Guludec
EANM Congress President 2013

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